Raves & Reviews

Davina + Austin.jpg

Initially attracted to Emma's vision and care free spirit, my husband and I were blown away by our engagement + wedding photos. Emma made us feel at ease in what can feel like an awkward situation. We had fun and were able to let loose. Being able to look back on these forever memories bring an immeasurable amount of joy to us and both of our families! - Davina & Austin

Allie + Matt.jpg

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A million thank you’s to you for capturing the day and night without missing a beat. We are so thankful we found you and we couldn’t be happier with our engagement & wedding photos! They are everything we wanted and more! You were a blast to work with and we loved every minute of it! We can’t wait to work with you again :)  - Allie & Matt

Ashley + Kyle.jpg

Emma not only met what I was hoping to see in our wedding pictures but totally surpassed everything I dreamed of! Emma is such a professional from the prep emails to capturing our welcome dinner to our wedding day she truly is so talented. Our wedding was a destination wedding and coordinating with her was such a breeze. We can’t wait to come up with an excuse to work with Emma again, she is so passionate about her work and we can’t thank her enough for being a part of our special day. - Ashley & Kyle

The best piece of advice our friends had given us while we were choosing our vendors was that the photographer was easily the most important choice we were going to make and our most important investment. Keeping that in mind, after searching through Instagram and referrals, we came across Emma on our wedding planner's page. We fell in love instantly and clicked every link we could to see past weddings and engagements she had done. It was an easy decision for us right away. I knew her work was phenomenal but what I was surprised by most was how engaging, sweet, and easy she was to work with! During our engagement session, she made us feel so comfortable and had us kiss more than we had in awhile for a ton of shots, I don't know why but it just made our engagement session feel so special. Our wedding day was no different. Emma helped rally everyone together, took the most beautiful artistic shots of our outfits and rings, and made our family and friends feel at ease through the whole process. Working with her was such a pleasure. Emma was constantly in touch throughout the process, we received our photos quickly, they blew us away, and let's just say we received the most Instagram and facebook likes on the photos she took, lol. I cannot wait to work with her again on another shoot. We couldn't recommend Emma enough! - Becky & Richard

Rachel + Robert.jpg

Emma was hands down one of the greatest parts of our wedding. She has such an incredible gift and we are so thankful that she was willing to share that gift with us as she photographed our wedding day. From start to finish working with Emma was a dream. I first came across her work on Instagram and I knew instantly I wanted her to be our photographer. All of her work was (is) absolutely stunning. When we reached out to her she was responsive, answered all of our questions and just like that we booked her! She made everything so easy for us. Emma knows how to perfectly capture moments and has a beautiful eye for colors and composition. She also has a way of making you feel like you’re not even in front of a camera. She is great at giving instruction and she makes it easy to follow her lead. She moved through our wedding day effortlessly and professionally. After our wedding we could not wait to see what she would do with our photos. When we received them they were more perfect than we could have ever hoped for or imagined. Her work blew us away and still does to this day. Along with her gift for photography she is an absolute joy to be around, she has such a sweet presence. It truly felt like she was just one of the girls while we were getting ready for our wedding. Once you meet her you feel as if you’ve known her your whole life. Emma is extraordinary and we cannot wait to have to have her capture more moments for us in the future. - Rachel & Robert

Angie + Joel.jpg

I have been obsessed with Emma's style of photography for pretty much as long as I can remember having Instagram. Before getting engaged I always wished we lived in southern California so she could one day be our wedding photographer. Once we become engaged and started looking at venues I was over the moon excited when I saw her name on one of our local venues preferred vendors list!! In all honesty I didn't even give my fiance an option, Emma was for sure going to be our photographer! I knew from the contact I had with Emma before our wedding that she was so genuine and just the sweetest person and that was confirmed when we met for the first time of our big day. She was so professional and yet wanted to do her best to get to know you to ensure she met all your needs. I knew wrangling our families and bridal party wasn't going to be the easiest but Emma knew exactly what to do and made sure that photos went so smoothly and we got a picture with everyone we wanted. I absolutely loved working with her and once we got our final pictures back they exceeded any and all expectations I had, perfect is an understatement… they were and are incredible!! We have had so many people compliment our wedding pictures saying they're the best they have ever seen and I agree 10000% Emma is the absolute best and such a dream to work with!!!!! I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone :)  - Angie + Joel

Ali + Travis.jpg

When I got engaged, I didn’t have a specific vision for my wedding AT ALL. As soon as people started asking about our plans, I would say “I don’t care, I just want to have amazing pictures.” And I meant that. I went and met with 7 different photographers in 3 different states, and looked at at least 100 peoples websites, but couldn’t get the right feeling from any of them. I truly didn’t care about any other wedding detail as much as I cared about the photographer. I knew that it was the one thing we would physically have to hold on to from that day, and the one way we will one day show our kids when we talk about our wedding. I wasn't sure what I was looking for, but I knew I hadn’t found it yet. Then one day, I was scrolling through Facebook and a friend from junior high (who I hadn’t talked to since about 8th grade) was tagged in a bunch of wedding photos. I stopped scrolling, and messaged her for the photographers name immediately. She told me the girls name was Emma Hopp, but that unfortunately she is based out of San Diego. We live in Houston, Texas. I reached out to Emma anyways. INSTANTLY she confirmed what I thought, she knew her stuff, and was just so dang sweet and likable! After a phone call with her, I called my then fiancé and said, “oh my gosh, this is the first time I’ve been excited about the wedding planning process!” And just like that, I was planning an entire destination wedding around my photographer. And I CANNOT stress enough how happy I have been with my decision since that moment! She truly made the process so very easy, enjoyable, and special. She helped me when I was overwhelmed with the process, and helped me think of ideas when I had none. We flew out to California to do engagement photos and were so nervous that it would be awkward to meet her in person for the first time that day, but she couldn’t have been more professional, and we couldn’t have been more comfortable. She is a genuine, kind hearted, and super talented little ray of sunshine. I could go on and on, but just trust me when I say that I was VERY picky about who we trusted with the task of capturing the most special day of our lives, and Emma not only met my many expectations, but completely exceeded all of them by going far beyond what a photographer “has” to do. Still to this day, I tell everyone that the best decisions I made when it came to my wedding was the groom, and the photographer. If you’re on the fence about who to hire, go ahead and get off that fence and get Emma booked ASAP. You will not regret it.  - Ali & Travis

Alisa + Stephen.jpg

Emma was the most essential partner for our wedding day! I receive endless compliments on our engagement and wedding photos, and I recommend her highly as often as I can. In fact, Emma is shooting my best friend's wedding photos this March—almost exactly 1 year from the day my husband and I got married! Before we were engaged, I knew I wanted Emma to shoot our wedding photos. When I reached out to her for Bay Area recommendations for our engagement photos (since we're now based there and Emma is based in SoCal), Emma was able to make it work so that she could shoot us on a date she was already planning to be in the area. To me, that goes to show how above and beyond Emma will go for her clients AND how much she just truly enjoys shooting clients in different settings! On our wedding day, Emma was flexible with our hectic schedule and still managed to capture all of our most special moments. Her level of expertise at what she does really goes without saying (have you seen her Instagram?!)... but the fact that she is such a joy to be around and really loves what she does is really what takes the cake! She perfectly captured all of our most special moments and made us feel so special in the process, and I know we will look back on her photographs for years and years to come. Thank you, Emma!!!
- Alisa & Stephen

Emily + Winston.jpg

Booking Emma and having her capture our wedding was literally one of the best decisions we made. Emma is extremely talented and easy to work with. She’s wonderful at getting camera sky couples (like my husband and I) to relax and just enjoy the moment. Looking back at my wedding album, I’m absolutely stunned and amazed by what Emma captured that day. So many of these photos are literally my favorite photos of myself and my family. Emma succeeded in capturing some of the most precious moments during our wedding. My family and I all agree, Emma was simply perfect! Lastly, thank you again so much for being at our wedding in March. The photos for our wedding was something I was most nervous about because I am a little self conscious. But when I looked at these photos, I cried because of how beautiful they all were. You really captured the happiness and love flowing throughout the entire event! I feel truly blessed to have had you be a part of that.
- Emily & Winston

Alex + Hayley.jpg

I knew from the day I got engaged that I wanted Emma to be our photographer for all things wedding, she was quite literally the first vendor I reached out to. Not only is she an awesome friend, but a more incredible photographer. From planning on the fly and finding us an awesome location when our original engagement picture spot was shut down because it was involved in a Southern CA wildfire, to her great communication on timelines, day of events, and the entire process as a whole, she exceeded every expectation I had! Both our engagement photos and wedding album looked like they could have been right out of a magazine. To top it all off, we got a surprise package a few months after our wedding with some cute Polaroid prints, a USB with all of our images, and a sweet thank you. Reliving our day through the pictures was so much fun, and we owe that all to Emma. I couldn't recommend her more highly if I wanted to! - Hayley & Alex

Erica + Sterling.jpg

I'm not going to lie, wedding planning was a bit overwhelming for me. Flowers, venues, DJ's, there were so many to pick from! The ONE thing I was certain about was Emma. I loved her style, her warm tones, and witnessed how she worked with my BFF and her husband a year before my wedding. I don't think she is able to take a bad photo. I am so obsessed with the photos she has taken for my family and I, they truly are so beautiful. Emma was professional yet very laid back and very easy to work with. When we were being photographed I thought "why am I so awkward?!" and then she made my husband and I (and wedding party) look like rockstars! Look no further ladies and gents, book her, and have the best photos you've ever had taken for you.  - Erica & Sterling

Gabby + Dylan.jpg

Emma was absolutely spectacular! From the moment we met with her for our engagement shoot on the beach, I knew that this was going to be the perfect partnership - she gave my husband a run for his money, haha! She has a unique way of making you feel so comfortable while still pulling the most beautiful shot out of every moment. I look back on my engagement and wedding photos with tears in my eyes, truly, because of how wonderfully she captured our day and our love. She does her work full of passion and I feel like I walked away from this period in my life with a new friend in Emma. - Gabby & Dylan

Kaylyn + John.jpg

Wow, what can I say about Emma!!! Beyond talented, Emma is such a dream to work with! She not only shot our most perfect engagement photos, she also was hired on for our wedding. I researched and interviewed many photographers prior to meeting Emma. The second I discussed my vision for our engagement shoot with Emma, she went above and beyond and earned my trust. From arriving early to the destination to scout out locations, to her spot on creative guidance. She made my husband, John and I feel so natural and we had such a blast throughout the shoot!  After our fabulous engagement session, we were more than confident she would execute our wedding day just as flawlessly. We chose the full package with an extra shooter. Emma and her husband, John made our day so easy and captured every moment more beautifully than we ever could have imagined. Hiring Emma was one of the best investments for our wedding day and we couldn't be more thankful for her!! We can not wait to have her capture many more life memories to come, all of our family and friends know who to hire when it comes to photography.  - Kaylyn & John

Gigi + Brian.jpg

Where do we begin? Not only is Emma the best photographer out there, she is also a wonderful person and a complete lifesaver! She has this amazing ability to calm your nerves and remove stress from any situation. This comes in very handy during what can be considered one of the most nerve racking days of your life, your wedding.  On the day of our wedding, she went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and distract us from the chaos. Emma has this unique ability to see the beauty in everything and create a natural setting that truly captures the moment. She took some of the most breath-taking photos that will be cherished by us and our loved ones for the rest of our lives.  Emma and her husband, John, are two of the most genuine people who care just as much about their clients as their art. After getting to know both of them over the year leading up, we saw them more as a guest at our wedding than a vendor. Lucky for us, we now have beautiful wedding photos and two amazing friends!  We cannot thank Emma enough for everything she has done for us. She is truly the best at what she does and any one would be lucky to have her at their special event! - Brian & Gigi

Krista + Alec.jpg

Emma is by far one of the most talented individuals I know! We met her through mutual friends and knew immediately once we got engaged that we had to have her shoot our engagement photos and wedding! She captivated us by how relatable and friendly she was while simultaneously being able to create magic with a camera. She made the entire experience SO much fun. If you are like me, you might be worried about feeling awkward or camera shy, but I guarantee that Emma is a master at making you laugh your face off while feeling beautiful and so in love. She captures your best life moments with your loved ones and turns the product into incredible art. You will fall in love with her work and her personality. Upon meeting Emma you can truly tell just how passionate she is about what she does. She is worth even penny! Honestly, one of the best wedding-planning decisions I made was to book her for our wedding! We have been given countless compliments on our photos and we owe 100% of it all to her! We are so grateful to have had her as our photographer for our wedding, and now we have her as an amazing friend! Thank you, Emma. We LOVE you! - Krista & Alec

Marisa + Alex.jpg

Emma was the first vendor we hired for our wedding, and we can truly say it was easily the best decision we made!!! We came across her beautiful work by scrolling through Instagram, and were instantly hooked by her attention to detail, warm golden tones, and the pure love and joy that oozes from her photos. From day one, she felt like not only the perfect photographer to capture our wedding day, but also a kind, gracious, hilarious girl we just knew we would instantly click with. From our pre-wedding Brooklyn Bridge shoot, to the magical day itself, Emma (and John!) kept us comfortable, laughing, and brought out the very best versions of ourselves. That was all reflected in the absolutely amazing photos she recently delivered to us - we will cherish them forever. I can’t imagine hiring any other person for the job. Do yourself a favor and book Emma - we promise it’ll be the easiest decision you make in the wedding planning process! - Marisa & Alex

Michael + Christine.jpg

My wife and I were first drawn to Emma because of her amazing eye for lighting. From our very first meeting she was so reassuring and her talent was equal to her kindness. We were nervous about the engagement photos, but Emma was amazing and made it easy and effortless. We knew at that moment, we selected the right photographer for us. For our wedding day we wanted to minimize the amount of posed shots. Emma was terrific in truly capturing the personality of our wedding and how much fun everyone had throughout the evening. We now treasure the photos as they instantly transport us back to our magical day. There are a lot of choices out there for photographers. But, if you use Emma, we promise that of all the things to worry about for your wedding, the photography won't be one of them. Thank you, Emma!!! - Michael & Christine

Taylor + Collin.jpg

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Emma for our wedding, and we can't thank her enough for all of the beautiful photos and memories we now have of our day. Hiring Emma was easily one of the best decisions we made! I think what sets Emma apart from other wedding photographers is her awareness. She is able to capture all the small, emotional moments of you and your loved ones that would otherwise be missed. Not only is she very talented, but also easy-going, kind-hearted, and fun to work with! Thank you Emma for such a wonderful experience from beginning to end!  - Taylor & Collin