Gabby + Dylan - Victoria Beach Engagement Session

Gabby + Dylan. They look like they're right out of a fairy tale, handsome & beautiful. Also incredibly sweet and fun. I think it's only appropriate that the location we chose to have their engagement session at features a beautiful stone castle (old lighthouse). This is definitely my favorite beach in Laguna, and I can't wait to capture more of their amazing love at their wedding next year! 

Alisa + Stephen - San Francisco Engagement Session

These guys are so cool. I mean you can tell by the photos, but I just had to say it because i'm so excited to shoot their wedding in February. I had the best time heading up to SF to shoot their engagement photos and loved all they were up for to make these photos so fun and (cool). THEY'RE COOL OKAY!?! And of course extremely in love and the pictures prove it. Can't wait for your wedding Alisa & Stephen, I am just imagining all of the glorious photos we will get! 

Nicole + Hitallo - Villa Ragusa Wedding

Since I am originally from the Bay Area, I love that I still get to shoot up there so often. It gives me a lot of trips up to see my family and friends, as well as explore new venues and new locations for photo sessions & weddings. This wedding was at Five Wounds Church in San Jose, and the reception was at Villa Ragusa in Campbell. I had never shot at this church before, but OH MY look how stunning it is! Not only was the wedding gorgeous, but it was hands down one of the most emotional weddings i've had the honor of shooting. There wasn't a dry tear in the house when Nicole was walking down the aisle, including myself. When she stepped into the doorway about to walk down to greet her soon-to-be husband, I had the chills as the setting was so stunning, the music being sung was breathtaking, and the look on Hitallo's face sealed the deal for me... I was a mess. Hopefully the photos aren't too blurry for you all since I was a blubbery mess the entire time.

Bobby + Ceasar - Cabo Wedding

First of all, so sorry for the incredibly long time it's been since my last blog post. (Because I know you all care SO much?) I'm trying to be good about blogging more sessions & weddings after I edit them, but I feel like my editing queue is never ending, which i'm super grateful for! So i've come to terms with my randomly timed blog posts. 

On to the reason we are here... Bobby & Ceasar! Two incredible guys, who I had the PRIVILEGE of photographing as they became husbands. They found me through a referral, and we met for dinner to get acquainted, and I immediately considered them friends and knew what a blast this wedding would be...and also how stunning it would be! (DID I MENTION IT WAS IN CABO?!) 

Every single thing about this wedding was perfect, down to the tiniest details. The first night I got there, they had an all white welcome party at an incredible venue looking over the water. The next day was their wedding at the gorgeous villa they were staying at (also right on the water). I really think I should just show the photos, because that's what I was there for ;) 

I want to thank you Bobby & Ceasar for choosing me as your photographer and bringing me along for such a beautiful ride! You make an amazing couple, and I know your life together will be perfection.

Another huge thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for coming along and being the best second shooter & such a huge help!



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Liz + Mike - Los Willows Wedding

Liz & Mike had their romantic & whimsical wedding at Los Willows Wedding Estate in Fallbrook. Their style and vision for the wedding was a perfect match to how much love I felt between the two of them on this day. Every detail of the wedding oozed with romance and so did they. All day from the moment I started taking photos of the bridesmaids getting ready, I felt like it was truly a wedding someone dreams of having. I'm not just talking about the visuals, but the feelings. Everyone was so in the moment, and so happy for Liz & Mike, and it made the photos such a joy to take. Thanks so much for including me in your day!

Thanks to an amazing group of vendors who helped with this wedding!




Alexandra + Matt - Palomar Mountain Engagement Session

Anyone who is up for a great adventure for their engagement photos is my kind of client! Not to mention Palomar Mountain is one of my favorite spots in the world, so when Allie & Matt decided to do their session here, I was over the moon. Sure, Allie might have gotten car sick on the way up the mountain, I ate a few bugs that flew into my mouth, and we all left the session covered in dirt and dust, but it's all in the name of some amazing photos! Not to mention, we had a blast. Can't wait to make some more magic for these guys' wedding next year!

Amanda + Joel - Rhodes Ranch Golf Club Wedding

What a treat this wedding was to shoot! Not only did I get to travel to Las Vegas to shoot the wedding, but I gained two new friends out of it. I had so much fun with both of them, and am so happy I get to be a memory from one of the most special days of their life. I wish nothing but the best of times in your life and marriage, Amanda & Joel! Thank you for having me as your photographer.





Keri + Logan - Saratoga Engagement Session

Some couples you meet, and you feel like you just immediately know their love. Their love radiates so bright that you can't help but smile when you're a witness to the love they share. That's Keri & Logan. I had only just met them as a couple when I did their engagement photos, and I was and still am seriously in awe at how perfect for each other they are. The way they light up around each other is the reason I do what I do. To capture their love in these photos brings me so much happiness, and I am SO excited to capture more magic in December for their wedding. Thank you Keri & Logan, for choosing me to be a part of your love story!

Sol + Paulina - Virginia Robinson Gardens Engagement Session

Last month I made my way over to the beautiful Virginia Robinson Gardens in Beverly Hills to spend some time with one of my 2017 couples, for their engagement session. We had so much much fun exploring the grounds of this magical mansion. It just doesn't stop, we could have spent all day there taking photos honestly. I'm so glad that they chose this location, because the photos are so unique, perfectly complimenting this glamorously unique couple. Here's a peek into Sol & Paulina's engagement session!

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Kimi + Shane - San Clemente Wedding

Kimi & Shane's wedding was one of my favorite to date. It's no secret that i'm a big cry baby and tear up at every single wedding I shoot, whether I know the couple or not. I had only met Kimi once before the wedding, but immediately felt close to her and so excited to share her wedding day with her and the love of her life, Shane! Their wedding day was everything it should be. SO filled with love, family, and happiness. Although I had just met this couple, I left the wedding feeling nothing short of completely honored to forever have been part of this amazing part of their lives. (And yes, I was ugly crying at several points during the wedding. Happy tears!) Thank you Kimi & Shane for welcoming me into your lives for this perfect day!

Thanks to an amazing team of vendors!





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Kraft Cocktails: the art of craft

Venue: Shorecliffs Beach Club

Rentals: SC Rentals, Inc.

Hair & Makeup: Chanel Villalpando & Christina Cook

Zoe + Reed - Crystal Cove Engagement Session

This is probably one of my all time favorite sessions i've ever done. Not only becauseI am truly in love with all of the photos, but because the actual session itself was such a fun time. These two in the photos are two of my best friends, and I love photographing the love of two people who are so close to me. Also, my amazing boyfriend who's become my go-to second shooter, second shot this session with me. It was one of his first sessions with me, and I ended up using SO many of his photos! I love working by his side, and I love having these photos of two people who are so close to me, and capturing their love for them. 

Also... The location isn't bad either. I'll just end with that. 

Christina + Bret - Leo Carrillo Ranch Wedding

I've been so excited to blog this wedding, but i'll admit wedding season has been keeping me completely overwhelmed (in the best way possible!) and even though I just added a blog to my site, everyone was totally right, keeping up with blogs is a lot harder than one would think, especially when I want to finish editing everyone's weddings and sessions as quickly as possible. BUT, with that being said, I think blogging is so important for me to be keeping up with! I want to show you MORE of the details and fun little touches from each wedding & session that I might not share on social media. 

This wedding was at Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad, CA. With character and charm around every corner of the venue, it was seriously a photographer's dream. Not to mention, the way Christina & Bret put their entire wedding together was absolutely elegant and timeless. I was honored to capture such a beautiful day with a truly wonderful couple. 


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