Bobby + Ceasar - Cabo Wedding

First of all, so sorry for the incredibly long time it's been since my last blog post. (Because I know you all care SO much?) I'm trying to be good about blogging more sessions & weddings after I edit them, but I feel like my editing queue is never ending, which i'm super grateful for! So i've come to terms with my randomly timed blog posts. 

On to the reason we are here... Bobby & Ceasar! Two incredible guys, who I had the PRIVILEGE of photographing as they became husbands. They found me through a referral, and we met for dinner to get acquainted, and I immediately considered them friends and knew what a blast this wedding would be...and also how stunning it would be! (DID I MENTION IT WAS IN CABO?!) 

Every single thing about this wedding was perfect, down to the tiniest details. The first night I got there, they had an all white welcome party at an incredible venue looking over the water. The next day was their wedding at the gorgeous villa they were staying at (also right on the water). I really think I should just show the photos, because that's what I was there for ;) 

I want to thank you Bobby & Ceasar for choosing me as your photographer and bringing me along for such a beautiful ride! You make an amazing couple, and I know your life together will be perfection.

Another huge thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for coming along and being the best second shooter & such a huge help!



Onsite coordination & catering: